SpyGlass Tools is a technology spin-off from

Started as an incubated project in 2010, SpyGlass Tools is the result of many years of assessments, tuning as optimization activities of our software engineer R&D group.

During our activity we tested many commercial tools from APM solutions to profiler: we're disappointed to verify that all those tools fails to simplify most simple activities and requires a huge investment in money, time and competency. We prefer to be J2EE experts than APM suite experts.

We're sure that a big datacenter APM project requires really advanced tools with complex configuration and integration policies, but small applications as a 2 cluster system require a different approach.

We need something simple to install and run, which simplify usual task we perform allowing in a minute to get all required information to see problems at first look:

  • check if application runs
  • analyze application transactions (web requests, MDB executions, scheduled activity)
  • check standard component and framework elements
  • drill down to find low performance areas
  • analyze database statement performance
  • check system resources usage (CPU, Memory, Thread, and so on)
  • check locks and concurrency
  • define alarms and actions
  • collect data in clear reports and use them to define next step activities

The result of all our work is SpyGlass Tools suite: tools from J2EE professionals to J2EE professionals.

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