SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer

SpyGlass Garbage Collection Analyzer is the perfect tool to monitor real time JVM memory management and Garbage Collector activity, analyse application memory profile and tune Java application performance comparing different memory and JVM settings, .

It is a common experience with Java systems that applications sometimes, for obscure reasons, slow down. Usually, first aspect to monitor are memory and garbage collector activity.
To perform a complete assessment for memory you need tools to extract information in real time from the production environment. JVM offers many configurations to export activity data on logs. Then you start analyzing logs with tools or simply with notepad or vi. This is a tedious, complex and expensive approach.

The best way to operate should be to start a free monitoring tools, connect to interested JVM and see data flow. This can be done with VisualVM. But you need also a good plugin to presents all interesting data.

SpyGlass Garbage Collection Analyzer is the right tool for you: all needed information are captured with no effort and presented in a clear graphical format in real time to support your analysis.

A good knowledge of JVM and Java memory management is mandatory to understand all presented data.

SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer is offered in 2 different versions:

  • SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer Free version: it is designed for performance engineers who operate on development and Q/A stage to tune application performance and verify application behavior. It is designed to work as a locally monitoring tool on the server machine with all needed privileges, It can be download and used for free.
  • SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer Pro version: it is designed for production monitoring from a remote machine. It uses mainly JMX protocol to integrate with monitored application or can be configured as a remote X-Window session. Pro version introduces the concept of monitoring session with related metrics to analyze application behavior during a specific interval time. Pro version also offers automatic report generation to store your session data. It is a commercial version and requires an activation key that you can buy from product page.

SpyGlass Garbage Collection Analyzer is distributed as a VisualVM Plugin so it can be used anywhere you have a Java 1.6 or better.

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