Ent-to-end Transaction Monitor

SpyGlass Tracer can capture any transaction requiring instrumented code execution. Transaction information is saved in a trace element.

SpyGlass Tracer

Transactions can be generated by:

  • WebContainer: request/response management
  • JMS activity: MDB execution
  • Remote invocation on RMI or EJB Container components
  • Scheduled activities ad Quartz or Timer Bean
  • Thread executions

Trace tab in SpyGlass Tracer plugin presents in real time saved traces with their most significant information.

For each captured transaction, SpyGlass Tracer can create a summary and a hierarchical view for analysis (not available on the free version).

Summary View

Summary View presents the execution time grouped by single component execution.

Table is ordered by total inherent execution time: critical components required more time to complete their execution and appear in the top of the table.

Looking at inherent time and invocation number is the best way to discover what is slowing your application.

In this view you can see all executed SQL statement to understand how DBMS is responding to application requests.

Tree View

Tree View offers a navigable drill-down interface to analyze component calls and identify your application critical paths.


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