SpyGlass Smart Thread Dump

SpyGlass Smart Thread Dump is a free VisualVM plugin for executing a thread dump reporting only a well defined subset of information.

It is a common experience working with Application Sarver like Tomcat, JBoss, ... that thread dumps are really complex because you have many threads (it usual to have more than 300 threads) and a lot of classes reported in stack traces are application server classes and not applicative classes.

Java Thread Dump

It is really complex to manage a real thread dump and sometime it require so much time to understand what Application Server is executing that something is missed and lost.

SpyGlass Smart Thread Dump implements a filter logic to avoid anything that is not essential: thread names, specific class packages. In this way a thread dump become really simple, and you can analyze application behavior with a limited effort.

Java Thread Dump

You have 3 parameters you can configure:

  • Unchanged Lines: how many lines will be left unchanged at the beginning of each stack trace
  • Thread Filters: you can specify thread name starting string (semicolon separated values) to filter threads reported in the produced stack trace
  • Package Filters: you can specify package name starting string (semicolon separated values) to filter stack trace lines (only selected packages are reported)

SpyGlass Smart Thread Dump is a simple utility that will save a lot of your time.


VisualVM 1.3.1 or better is required to run SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer. You can look at your bin directory inside your JDK 1.6.x or better or you can download it by yourself (http://visualvm.java.net/)


This plugin cannot be distributed with other products or inside any commercial product package.


This plugin is given as it is. No support is offered.

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