SpyGlass Tracer Free Edition

SpyGlass Tracer Free is a real time application performance monitor for Java based systems.

It is distributed completely for free and it can be used on any non production system running on a single CPU/single core processor architecture.

SpyGlass Tracer Free offers a simple and intuitive interface to analyze application quality KPI: user requests, any scheduled activities and any java standard component based operations.

No application source code modification is required to run SpyGlass Tracer.

SpyGlass Tracer is composed by an instrumentation agent that you need integrate on your server (at runtime or with a static modification of server startup script) and a VisualVM plugin based client to present collected information.

SpyGlass Tracer captures execution information and provides aggregated and detailed visualizations with drill-down navigation.

In any moment you can connect to your application and control its activity, discover bottlenecks and weird behaviors.

If you're looking for a simple to use, but effective solution for monitoring your java system, then SpyGlass Tracer is for you.

Main feature list

This is the list of main features you can find in SpyGlass Tracer Free:

  • Automatic instrumentation for standard J2EE components: Servlet, JSP, JSF, EJB 2.x, EJB 3.x, Message Driven Bean, Timer Bean, Java Mail
  • Automatic support for famous open source framework: Struts 1.x, Quartz, Spring, Hibernate
  • Http transaction monitor
  • Active users and thread usage
  • JMS activities
  • Scheduled activities
  • Static and dynamic instrumentation

More features are available on SpyGlass Tracer commercial versions.


Server: Java 1.5 or better java based system is required to integrate SpyGlass Tracer agent. SpyGlass Tracer Free supports single logical CPU hardware.

Client: VisualVM 1.3.1 or better with java 1.6 or better on the client to run SpyGlass Tracer Plugin. Current version of VisualVM is available at http://visualvm.java.net/.


To run SpyGlass tracer agent you need a license file (.lic) related to your application server physical installation. You can generate for free your license on spyglass site. Free licenses expire after 1 months and can be regenerate for free without limitations.


SpyGlass Tracer Free is distributed for free.


No support is offered for this version.

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