Java Performance made easy

We're used to think Java as complex platform where it is not possible to understand what is happening. You write your code and most of the time, when you put it in production, you're not sure how that code will perform.

Most usual problems are:

  • lack of visibility
  • too many layers to monitor
  • too much information to log
  • limited ability to relate logged information with a specific user transaction
  • dependency with external systems like DBMS or other application
  • open source framework complexity
  • too much noise

SpyGlassTools offers a suite of products to extend your visibility on how your software works in real production environment.

You can use SpyGlass Tracer to collect detailed qualitative information on code execution:

SpyGlass Tracer is able to collect most relevant information during execution to discover:

  • not performing transactions
  • slow methods
  • slow SQL statements
  • multithreading issues and thread locks
  • unmanaged exceptions
  • memory and garbage collection issues
  • monitoring standard components as Servlets, JSPs, JSFs, Struts Actions, EJBs, Scheduled Jobs and more

In realtime you're able to pinpoint not performant execution and address the best solution:

One of the best features is the ability to remove noise: collecting data can be easy, but analysing too much information can be impossible.


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